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Sixth Grade Arts Curriculum Objectives


Sixth Grade Art Curriculum Objectives


Demonstrate skill development by using multiple techniques and a variety of mediums and tools.

1a Create art by using multiple techniques and apply the elements of 2D and 3D design.

1b Demonstrate the ability to use multiple mediums and tools to create specific effects when creating art.

1c  Create unique and original art that incorporates and expresses personal meaning and point of view.

1d  Able to analyze and critique their own work to identify missing elements and principles of design and implement solutions to address these challenges.

Describe, analyze, interpret, critique, and ask questions about art work using art vocabulary.

2a Use art vocabulary to describe, analyze, critique and interpret their own artwork and the work of others.

Make connections and communicate ideas and concepts between the arts and disciplines outside the arts by showing an understanding of how art influences our lives.

3a  Students will make connections for both traditional and nontraditional arts by demonstrating an understanding of how the arts influence our lives and reflect various cultures and times.

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