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Third Grade Arts Curriculum Objecitves


Third Grade Visual Arts Curriculum


Skill Development

1.     Demonstrates understanding of art materials, techniques and processes.

2.     Develops skill with a variety of media, techniques, and processes to visually communicate ideas, personal experiences, and stories in their artwork.

 Making Connections

 1.     Explores various purposes for creating art and interprets meaning in artworks.

 2.     Relates artistic ideas and/or artworks with specific cultures, times and/or places.

 Reflection and Critique

1.     Analyzes and responds to different works of art.

2.     Examines and asks questions of their own artwork and the artwork of others.

 Approach to Work

1.     Handles art materials and tools in a safe and responsible manner.

2.     Applies artistic problem solving skills by generating and experimenting with ideas and strategies.

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