AboutCurriculum ObjectivesFamily Consumer ScienceSixth Grade

Family Consumer Science Curriculum 6



Nutrition, Clothing Management and Child Development

1.  Analyze sources of food and nutrition information, including food labels, related to health and wellness.

2.  Apply various dietary guidelines in planning to meet nutrition and wellness needs.

3.  Demonstrate ability to select, store, prepare, and serve nutritious and aesthetically pleasing foods.

4.  Analyze conditions and practices that promote sasfe food handling.

5.  Analyze safety and sanitation practices throughout the food chain.


Career Planning and Leadership

1.  Demonstrate leadership skills and abilities in school, workplace and community settings.

2.  Develop a life plan, including pathways to acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to achieve individual, family, and career goals.

3.  Analyze potential career choices to determine the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with each career.

4.  Demonstrate job seeking and job keeping skills.

5.  Apply communication skills in school, community and workplace settings.

6.  Demonstrate teamwork skills in school, community and workplace settings.

7.  Analyze strategies to manage the effects of changing technologies in workplace settings.




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