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Fourth Grade Literacy Objectives


Fourth Grade Literacy Curriculum


  1. Applies grade level phonics and words.
  2. Reads accurately and fluently to meet grade level expectation.
  3. Demonstrates understanding of vocabulary, multiple-meaning words, and figurative language in text.
  4. Identifies main ideas and key details in literary and information text.
  5. Refer to evidence in a text when explain what a text says and drawing inferences.
  6. Compares & contrasts two different texts on the same topic, including structure, style, and point of view.
  7. Identifies different cultural perspectives in literary and informational texts.


1. Write opinion pieces on facts and details.

2. Write informational texts that conveys ideas and information clearly.

3. Write effective narratives (stories) with descriptive details and clear sequence of events.

4. Revises and improves writing based on feedback.

5. Uses grade appropriate grammar and punctuation.

6. Spells grade level words correctly.

7. Takes accurate notes, paraphrases, and categorizes information.

8. Uses evidence from a variety of sources to support analysis, reflection, and research.

Speaking and Listening

1.Participate effectively in collaborative conversations & class discussions.

2.Present knowledge and ideas clearly, using formal English when appropriate.

3.Acquire and uses grade-appropriate vocabulary.

4.Demonstrates active listening.


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