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Kindergarten Literacy Objectives


Kindergarten Literacy Curriculum

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1.   Knows and applies print concepts.

2.   Asks and answers questions about main ideas and key details in literary and informational text.   

3.   Reads closely to analyze, interpret and evaluate grade appropriate text.

4.   Compares and contrasts the adventures and experiences of characters in familiar stories.

5.   Applies grade appropriate phonics and word analysis skills to decode words.

6.   Reads accurately and fluently to meet to grade level expectation.   



  1. Uses a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose narrative, informative and opinion texts.
  2. Gathers and uses evidence and information to support ideas in writing
  3. Strengthens writing by planning, revising, and editing      
  4. Prints most upper and lowercase letters, writes letters for most consonant and short vowel sounds.     



Speaking & Listening


  1. Asks and answers questions about information presented orally to request clarification and confirm understanding
  2. Participates effectively in a range of collaborative discussion
  3. Orally expresses thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly




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