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Fifth Grade Mathematics Curriculum Objectives


Fifth Grade Mathematics Curriculum


Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  1. Evaluates expressions that have parentheses, brackets, or braces using standard order.
  2. Generates numerical patterns using given rules.
  3. Graphs relationships given as ordered pairs on a coordinate plane and writes it as a numerical expression.


Number and Operations

  1. Multiplies and divides powers of ten.
  2. Rounds decimals to any place.
  3. Reads, writes and compares numbers to thousandths using numerals, number names and expanded form.
  4. Demonstrates understanding of place value by assessing reasonableness of answers
  5. Multiplies & divides multi-digit whole numbers.
  6. Adds and subtracts multiplies and divides decimal numbers.
  7. Adds and subtracts fractions with different denominators.
  8. Models multiplication and division of fractions
  9. Solves real world problems involving whole numbers, decimals, and fractions,


Measurement and Data

  1. Converts among different-sized standard measurement units within a given system.
  2. Represents and interprets data on a line plot given in fractions of a unit.
  3. Solves real world and mathematical problems involving volume.



  1. Represents real world and mathematical problems by graphing points on the coordinate plane.
  2. Classifies two-dimensional figures based on their properties.


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