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Fourth Grade Mathematics Curriculum Objectives


Fourth Grade Math Curriculum


 Operations and Algebraic Thinking

1.Can make sense of a multi-step word problem and work with the four operations to solve.

2.Assesses the reasonableness of solutions by using estimation and mental computation.

3.Looks for and makes use of structure and patterns.

4.Understands and makes use of the relationship of factors and multiples.


Number and Operations


  1. Rounds whole numbers to any place.
  2. Reads, writes, and compares numbers to the hundredths using numerals, number names, and expanded form.
  3. Demonstrates understanding of place value by assessing reasonableness of answers
  4. Uses efficient methods to multiply and divide whole numbers with precision.
  5. Generates and recognizes equivalent fractions.
  6. Adds and subtracts fractions with common denominators.
  7. Multiplies a fraction by a whole number.
  8. Expresses fractions with denominators of base ten in decimal notation.


Measurement and Data

1.Applies the area and perimeter formulas rectangles to solve word problems.

2.Identifies and measures angles with precision.

3.Reads, constructs, and analyzes data given in line plots.




 1.Classifies two-dimensional shapes based on their properties.

2. Recognizes line-symmetric figures and can draw the line of symmetry.

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