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Performing Arts Curriculum Objectives


Skill Development

1a  Show skill development when creating theater by demonstrating development of character using physical and/or vocal expression that support and enhance character and take risks while pursuing their roles.

1b  Perform/communicate through theater by presenting a rehearsed scene adjusting voice tone/level and timing.

 1c Show understanding of theater concepts and vocabulary by identifying motivation and conflict, describing stage architecture, and recognize and label acting styles, genre, sensory language, physical comedy, dialogue and monologue, nonverbal skills.

Making Connections

2a  Make connections between and among the arts and disciplines outside the arts and show an understanding of how the arts influence our lives as well as how the arts shape and reflect various cultures and times by communicating ideas, concepts, and feelings from other disciplines.

Reflection and Critique

3a  Analyze, interpret, and respond to art by using observation, personal experience, background knowledge, and cultural context and use these elements to evoke emotion and feeling.

3b  Approach artistic problem solving with an open mind and creative thinking by identifying challenges inherent in the work and generate a variety of strategies and techniques to address those challenges and employ those that are appropriate.

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