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Third Grade Social Studies Objectives



Third Grade Social Studies Curriculum


1.  Through the study of examining children’s rights around the world, culture and cultural diversity, learners understand about the basic rights guaranteed to children throughout the world. They learn these rights are met in different ways in different places.


Physical and Cultural Geography  

    1. Personal identity is shaped by family, peers, culture, and institutional influences. Through this theme, students learn about themselves and their peers by participating in n oral presentation series, called “This is Me and What I Believe.” Each student reflects upon and presents about important people in their life, interests, skills, personal goals and what they think would make the world a better place.


   Civics, Government and Society

  1.Through the study of the past and its legacy, learners examine the values and beliefs of people in the past (and present). Students acquire skills in historical inquiry and interpretation, and gain an understanding of how important historical events and developments have shaped the modern world by reading a variety of narrative nonfiction text.


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