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Early Essential Education (EEE)

The Montpelier Essential Early Education Program serves Montpelier children, ages 3 years old up to the sixth birthday, who have a developmental delay, medical condition, or other disability defined under state regulations and need special education. Through EEE, these children and their families may receive a range of early intervention services at no cost to the parent, such as assessment, speech/language, occupational and physical therapy, individualized assistance in the classroom, and developmental teaching.

Referrals to EEE come from many community sources, including parents, physicians, visiting nurses, and childcare providers.  Twice a year, the EEE Staff sponsor a Child Development Information Day, where parents are invited to talk with EEE Staff about any developmental concerns they may have about their children and participate in a play observation session in the preschool classrooms.

The Montpelier EEE Staff is currently housed with the Family Center of Washington County at 383 Sherwood Drive. Children receiving EEE often attend the Family Center Preschool, where a play-based developmental curriculum and an interdisciplinary teaching team offer opportunities for play with peers and many hands-on activities to build social/emotional, communicative, motor, and pre-academic skills. The Family Center offers many activities for families, including Montpelier play groups, where EEE staff members are available as well.  The EEE Staff also serve children at our other preschool partners in Montpelier.  If you suspect your child has a significant developmental delay, you may call our staff at 802-262-3292 ext.  166.

Family, Infant and Toddler Program (FITP)

Special education services are available for children and families birth to age 3 who have a developmental delay or a diagnosed physical or mental condition which has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay. Special education is responsible for only part of the broad array of early intervention services that are available. These services are coordinated through the Family, Infant and Toddler Program. To make a referral for these services or to find out more about these services, a parent may call the Family Center at 262-3292 or 1-800-270-4231.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal law prohibiting discrimination based upon a disability that substantially limits a major life activity. It is civil rights legislation that protects students with a temporary or permanent disability from discrimination in any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. It ensures that every student has an equal opportunity to participate in the educational programs and activities. The school district ensures that the programs and buildings are accessible.

Some of the disabilities that may qualify a student for eligibility under Section 504 include communicable diseases, injuries and temporary disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, and physical disabilities. All students who are eligible for special education services are automatically eligible for the protections of Section 504.

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