Music Overview

Hilary Goldblatt, 225-8218

Kirk Kreitz, 225-8624

  • Band

Cailin OHara, 225-8189

  • Chorus


Music is an important part of the educational program for Montpelier pupils. It contributes in a multitude of ways to each child’s intellectual and emotional development. It fosters creativity, critical judgment, and appreciation. Learning to sing or to play an instrument requires self-discipline, coordination, and teamwork. The social and cultural lessons gained from working toward a common goal add much to the growth of the student.

The Montpelier Public School System provides a wide variety of activities, from athletics to art, in an effort to help each student express himself/herself. Music is one such medium of self-expression.

At Main Street Middle School, students have a variety of experiences in music available to them.

  • Chorus
  • Band 
  • Strings


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