Non-CorePhysical Education/Health

Physical Education-Health Overview

Physical Education Philosophy Statement

We believe that the physical education program at Main Street Middle School contributes to the development of our students’ self-esteem. In physical education, as in all of our programs at Main Street Middle School, we are guided by a commitment to wellness, Vermont Frame of Standards and National Physical Education Standards.

The general goal is to prepare the whole person mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially to lead an active and useful life in society.

Our physical education program aims to develop in our students an optimum level of physical fitness and skill performance, to help students find enjoyment in participating in physical activities, and to develop a knowledge and understanding of the importance of continuing physical activity for life. In keeping with our emphasis on self-esteem, fitness activities are geared toward improving one’s “personal best”.

Health Education Philosophy Statement

The purpose of this curriculum is for Main Street Middle School students to experience a comprehensive, skills-based health education program. Each instructional unit and lesson plan is aligned with state and national standards. Learning objectives for each content area relate to the domains of learning (psychomotor, affective, social, and cognitive). The main focus is to provide each student with the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and experiences necessary to practice healthy behaviors throughout their lives. This curriculum is in accordance with stages of development and enables students to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices.

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