Dear MHS Community:  To kick off our Salutes today, we need to thank our ninth grade students, MHS faculty/staff, and parents for engaging in our first annual Learning Exhibitions.  It was a pleasure watching our advisees share, connect, reflect, and support one another.  



Also, I would like to commend our valedictorians.  Congratulations to Laura Cassetty, Alyssa Furber, Rachel Issacs-Falbel, Owen Koucky, Mikaela Moore, Maia Padberg, Jillian Reed, Amelia Sherman, and Alexandra Stetter!

Finally, check out the extent of the civic engagement of our students.  I can’t believe the number of Play Mentors that we have:



Acosta Zach 12
Allen Martin 12
Bashara Caitlyn 12
Boucher Rosie 12
Francke Jonah 12
Golonka Chloe 12
Herz Seth 12
Koucky Owen 12
Murphy Seamus 12
Reed Jilllian 12
Rogel Tomas 12
Shea Lexington 12
Tomasi Isabel 12
Bodin Eva 11
Fraser Claire 11
Goodman Delaney 11
Miller Kaila 11
Montague Emily 11
Bashara Emily 10
Battistoni Linsey 10
Beasley Maya 10
Brace Charlotte 10
Corbett-Valade Emily 10
Drew Lexi 10
Eldred Lucas 10
Fried Navah 10
Golonka Kelsey 10
Grasley Ciara 10
Hoyne Grosvenor Jeremy 10
Isaacs-Falbel Adam 10
Rapaport Miles 10
Rose Sarah 10
Smith Laura 10
Basa Cricket 9
Bashara Lyvia Anne 9
Cain Tyler 9
Cook Riley 9
Fallahi Omeed 9
Frey Liam 9
Gibson-Davis Katie 9
Grutchfield Nathan 9
Riby-Williams Noel 9


  • Congratulations to our Juniors!  You completed all of your standardized testing for the year.  On behalf of the federal government, I thank you for your persistence.  

  • From Brooke Pearson: Thanks to Rhiannon Chesaux, Erica Sarpong, and Christina Tang for volunteering at the 32nd annual Corporate Cup 5K Challenge last Thursday.  Their help was appreciated very much.

  • A shout out to Makaya Quittner for being a caring and thoughtful classmate!

  • I would like to give a huge Solon Salute to Chris Staab, Adam Cerutti, Colby Anderson-Andresen, and Rachel Currier for presenting at VITA-Learn's Dynamic Landscapes in Burlington. I was incredibly proud of our articulate and passionate Solons!!


  • Thanks to Sunny Ingraldi for her skillful and impassioned letter writing (and writing in general...we’ve got an author in our midst).

  • From Mai-lis Ellerson:  An addition to this week's Salutes - the unified bocce team spent the day in St. Albans competing against teams from around the state.  I'm a little biased but what a great group of teens, wonderfully supportive of each other and they all had a great time, as well as doing really well in the competition.  They all deserve a big salute along with Matt, Nancy, Patty, Brandon...An incredible group!



  • From Sylvia Fagin: I want to give a salute to Brooke Pearson for all the time, energy, driving, scheduling, etc, that goes into PLAY mentoring. Over the years I have been able to see the mentors in action at UES and MSMS, and the smiles on the young kids' faces is INCREDIBLE. It means so much to them to have a "big kid" who is "theirs." This is a wonderful program; Brooke, thanks for all you have done to make it so!

  • From Brooke Pearson: Thanks to Matt Hynes, Michael Roach, Cheyenne Sebold, and Asa Wagner for moving food supplies at the Montpelier Food Pantry this (Friday) afternoon so that it can be painted over the weekend.  Your straightforward and cheerful willingness to lend a hand is truly commendable.

  • From Sarah Squier: Seven Irish Humanities students and I spoke to the school board last night, and they were AMAZING.  I would like to nominate Delaney Goodman, Lindsey Grutchfield, Rowan McMullan, Jonah Francke, Carolyn Jones, Anna Scoppettone, and Martin Allen for a BIG Solon Salute.  They presented pictures and their impressions of our trip to Ireland with grace, warmth, humor, and honesty --  I think the school board got a real feel for how rich the experience was.  It was a treat to be there with them!  Thanks,  Irish Heroes!

  • To Rachel Isaacs-Falbel. Yes, you are in the valedictory group.  No, I did not spell your name correctly!  Many apologies!

  • Thanks to Sue Monmaney for supporting our ninth graders as they prepare for their Learning Exhibitions.

  • Thank you, Brian Gallagher and Alex Rob for your willingness to get our students out on the river. Also, thanks for getting me out on the river.  It was a blast!



Dear MHS Community:  Next Friday marks our first annual Ninth Grade Learning Exhibitions.  We hope that you have received an invitation from your student’s Teacher Advisor.  While we know that missing work can prove to be a substantial challenge, we aim to get as close to 100% parent/guardian participation as possible.  We also welcome grandparents, siblings, important friends, etc.  Your ninth graders have worked hard this year, and they deserve our help as they share, connect, reflect, and plan for future years.  

Keep in mind that this is our first attempt at Exhibitions on this scale, so please be patient with us when there are inevitable hiccups!  We will be seeking your feedback at the end of your child’s exhibition to improve the experience for all next year.

Also, join us for an ice cream social at 12:30 if you would like!


  • Thanks to Nick Gambill for hosting our incoming principal Mike McRaith.  Shadowing a student is a creative way to get the sense of our community.

  • From Lissa Knauss: Caitlyn Bashara, you are endlessly positive and enthusiastic.  Thank you for keeping us uplifted!

  • From Mary Ellen Solon: Thank you Peer Activist Group for pulling together to plan our final Conversation (May 26).

  • Issac Mears, you get two salutes this week: first, you just seem like a kind, thoughtful young man; second, thanks for organizing today’s tree planting!


  • Marijke Russo has quietly done much work to help us prepare for our Learning Exhibitions.  Thanks for your efforts.

  • To our Instructional Assistants.  You know what?  Y’all are really, really good.  Thank you for your professionalism and the ethic of care you show to all our students.


  • To the Stomach Bug.  Seriously, you are unpleasant and mean.  You get an un-Salute.  Go away.

May 11, 2015


Subject: NECAP Testing, Tuesday, May 19


Dear Families of MHS Grade 11 Students:


It is time for our annual rite of spring: science NECAPs! Please allow me to thank you—and your student—in advance for your patience. Between APs, SATs, and NECAPs, May can be a long month of standardized testing for our kids.


I urge you to think about these tests in two ways: first, the assessments can provide us with valuable information about how best to focus our instruction; second, our faculty and our community takes our scores seriously. Unfortunately, as educators, we often do a poor job of publicly celebrating the learning our students achieve; the NECAPs provide us with just such an opportunity.

Here are some guidelines around NECAP testing:

  • The NECAPs begin at 8am. We will offer Betty’s amazing cinnamon buns between 7:40-8:00am as a small token of our appreciation.
  • All students with sufficient credits to be juniors are required to participate in the assessments.
  • The testing center will provide all supplies.
  • Students who receive special education services may be eligible for accommodations. Contact your child’s case manager if you have questions regarding accommodations.
  • Students will not have homework assigned during the day of testing.
  • We will encourage all students to participate and do their best. A good night’s rest wouldn’t hurt!

We appreciate your support!




Adam Bunting
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear MHS Community:  Faculty and Staff, did you know that it was Teacher Appreciation Week this week!  Okay, so the occasion would go by unnoticed if it wasn’t for the Annual Booster Breakfast (Thanks, Boosters!).  No, you will not be receiving a bonus.  Nor will you get a day off this week.  What you have earned, however, is the loud THANKS of our students.  As Sunny Ingraldi put it while describing the best part of MHS to an interviewee, “MHS is special because of the people who work here.  Every teacher is willing to go above and beyond for their students.”  It is a privilege and an honor to work alongside you.



  • Congrats to our Prom King and Queen!



  • From Hilary Goldblatt: Congrats to Anna Scoppettone and her sister, Nadia (8th grade), both of whom had their original musical compositions performed at the Opus 30 Music-COMP concert in Randolph last week, along with Colin Desch (8th grade).  

  • I never thought I’d give a Salute to soap, but thank you, Soap (and Bromley’s Chem Com class) for all the money you raised for the Nepalese Fund.



  • A huge shout out with much praise to Ivan Jermyn for helping me to fix the damaged mural in the music took skill at mixing and matching the style of the existing rock!  Barbara

  • Salute to Jackson Markow for spending extra time after school teaching me kahoots.  From Madame Myotte


  • A big "merci" to Sue Abrams for inviting her French house guests to MHS and to my French 3 students who did so well conversing with Corinne and Johan from Nîmes, France on Thursday.  So proud of all of you!  Madame Myotte

  • Thank you to Guillermo Sarriera and Stephanie Podesta for your hard and skillful work this year.  We will miss you!


  • Thank you to the MHS Boosters, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and New England Culinary Institute for their contribution towards the Staff Appreciation Breakfast.

  • From the Boosters: To our Annual Staff Appreciation Breakfast partners, New England Culinary Institute and Keurig Green Mt Coffee with whom we could not provide this district wide celebration each spring. Thank you NECI and Keurig GMC!


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