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Solon Salutes


Heather McLane had a little helper who worked behind the scenes to organize our celebration of the Chinese New Year. Thanks, Genevieve!

Dear MHS Community:  And here I thought that I could sneak into vacation without a final set of Salutes.  Nope, people kept on sending me the good they see (which is a great problem)!

From Matt Link:  The MHS Boys basketball game this past Friday against U-32 raised 1176.41 (!!) to be donated to the UVM Cancer Patient Support Fund. The atmosphere was phenomenal and it wouldn't have happened without the help of many people. Big thank yous to Tess Kennedy, Theresa Murray Clausen, the girls basketball team for doing a bake sale, Steph DiLena and Geoff Sather for covering for a sick Athletic Director, and the Brighams who showed up to show their support in the fight against cancer.

Thanks to Maayan Cohen (‘06) and the Alliance for Climate Education for an inspiring assembly today:DOT!


  • From Jonah Francke: I would like to give a Solon Salute for my sister, Isabelle Francke. She testified in front of the State House last week, fighting to reduce the negative impact we have on the environment. It's not every day a student of ours does something this brave or cool, and I would like to see her get recognized for it.

  • To Jonah Francke: I would like to give you a Salute for being a good brother.  

  • From Carolyn Jones:  Hello! I'd like to give a Solon Salute to all the students and community members that responded to the call to arms and helped us act as the emergency Valentine Phantom! The five degree weather didn't stop us from spreading the love!  Chloe Golonka, Isabel Tomasi, Seth Herz, Maggie Nowlan, Kelsey Golonka, Mitchell Whalen, Claire Fraser, Emma Polen, Delaney Goodman, Jonah Francke, Haley Grey, Anna Hamilton, Mary Elliott Porter, Beth Maguire, Jillian Reed, Emily Montague, Tomas Rogel, Sabean Pia-Needleman, and Jessie Heim (and Carolyn Jones--editor note).

  • Also, from Kelly Grey: Mr. Bunting, I would like to recognize all the wonderful MHS students who saved Valentines Day in Montpelier.  When the Phantom Valentine failed to show up this Valentines Day, several MHS students did what we know them to do best, they stepped up and did a job that had to be done.  With temperatures as cold as they were, the love that they had in their hearts as well as that which they spread kept both them and our residents warm. I am so very proud and thankful for these wonderful, caring students who saved Valentines 2015 for our community.



  • To our Future Solons: I was humbled by the thoughtfulness, eloquence and poise of Don Taylor and Amy Kimball’s students as they presented their PLPs to the MHS Faculty on Monday afternoon.  Awesome work, Vaughn Winter, Charlie Watson, Katie O'Reilly, Chloe Pettersen, Samir Drjlacic, Antonia Bean, Isabelle Boutin, Colin Desch, Adam Blair, Meredith Stetter, Isaac Maddox-White and Elizabeth Cossett.

  • From Hilary Goldblatt:  Congratulations to the following students on their acceptance to the All-State Music Festival!: Zach Acosta, Adam Cerutti, Jessica Collins, Chloe Golonka, Seth Herz, Adam Isaacs-Falbel, Rachel Isaacs-Falbel, Graham Janson, Jillian Reed, Ada Rohan, Anna Scoppettone

  • Congratulations also to the following students on their acceptance to the New England Music Festival!: Zach Acosta, Adam Cerutti, Chloe Golonka, Jillian Reed, Ada Rohan, Jaimen Sather, Anna Scoppettone


  • From Geoff Sather: Congratulations to the Chorus, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and Orchestra.  Excellent work on Tuesday night.  Way to go, Cailin, Kirk, and Hilary!

  • From Lissa Knauss:  Thanks to Delaney Goodman, Anisa Venner-Johnston, and Naomi Pitt. You did an excellent job of welcoming our newest Solons.



Join Community Connections for one or all of our February Break Adventure Series!

Tuckerman's Revene







Dear MHS Community:  


This will be the last set of Salutes before break, so we will wrap up February with the theme of MHS Love:


One other note...I am a person who believes that we need to teach our students and ourselves how to use technology appropriately.  Typically, I am against simply banning something because it limits our ability to think critically; however, when it comes to Yik Yak, I’m convinced it needs to go.  I’m just not sure how you use the app appropriately, and based on what I’m reading, you aren’t sure either.  Posting threats and nasty comments behind a wall of anonymity is--at best--an act of cowardice. By using the app you are perpetuating the vehicle that allows others to be hurtful.  If empathy doesn’t stop you from using Yik Yak, maybe your pride should.  Adolescence is complicated enough.  Don’t make it worse!


Ban the Yak.


Students and Faculty

  • MHS goes to DC: I was just asked to represent MHS at the U.S. Department of Education on March 2.  Fifteen principals from across the nation will meet with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to offer ideas about important changes to federal education policy. We were selected because of our willingness to innovate and lead change--a tribute to our students and faculty!




  • From Barb:  Hear Ye Hear Ye....Junior, Chloe Boyce WON the state Green Up Poster Contest out of 800 entries!! Her poster will be the official Green Up Day poster for 2015 and she wins $250! Charlotte Brace won an Honorable Mention too!! Exceptional  work was submitted again this year!

  • Also From Barb:  Shout out to the Junior Prom Committee for the LOVE they generated in the way of chocolate covered strawberries for today's fundraiser! Well done Prom Comm.  Kisses to u!

  • From Brooke Pearson: Congratulations to the Varsity Scholars' Bowl team for going 3-2 last Saturday in the first round of the State Championship tournament, thereby qualifying to advance to the final round in March.  They also finished as Small School runner-up to Mt. Abraham.  In addition to the varsity, MHS had three JV teams participating in the JV bracket, all of which did well!

  • Also from Brooke:   Thanks to custodian Bob Welch for taking such good care of us during the Scholars' Bowl tournament and for getting rooms rearranged properly after the tournament.  Many rooms were left disorganized, and Bob cheerfully and without complaint put

  • Dear Principal Bunting,  On behalf of the Washington County youth Service Bureau/Boys & Girls Club, please accept my heart-felt thanks to the Montpelier High School Art Department and it's students for participating in our agency's youth exhibit during last Friday's community Art Walk.  We were thrilled to feature and celebrate the incredible artwork of MHS students, along with so many other youth contributions from around the county. Specifically, I would like to commend the effort that Barb Austin-Hutchins put into accommodating our short time-frame and carefully preparing each student's piece for proper display in our event.  It was a lovely evening and we couldn't have been more proud to showcase the talent and achievements of so many young people.  We look forward to future opportunities to partner with the school and welcome ideas from you and MHS staff at any time.


  • Thanks to Heather McLane and Betty Hammond for organizing our Chinese New Year celebration on February 20.

  • Thanks to Paula Despault for your work to administer the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

  • Congratulations to Anne Watson for her selection as a Rowland Fellow.  Rowland Fellowships are highly competitive and result in significant funds and resources for our school community.  A further congratulations goes to Lissa Knauss and Susan Monmaney.  Lissa and Sue’s proposal made it to the final round.  It is my understanding that two proposals from the same school making it to the final round is unprecedented.  



Dear MHS Community: According to this link, all of you have very good judgment as to your choice of the town in which you live.  Check out the number one spot! Best Choice Reviews

Two Notes:

  1. Please join us on Friday, February 13 (6:00 JV and 7:30 V) for our hoops match against U-32.  All proceeds from our game will go to the VT Cancer Patient Support Fund.

  1. We will run a modified schedule on Monday, February 9.  Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores will be release at 2:30.  Ninth graders will meet in TAs to prepare for their Learning Exhibitions this spring.


  • Hey, Boys’ Hockey team!  Congratulations on a win and on making it to school after a 1am bus ride home.

  • From Lissa Knauss:  I offer a Salute to all those students who have signed up for next year's schedule.

  • Four students competed in the annual Rotary Club speech contest at the Capitol Plaza on Monday, January 26th.  Pictured left to right are Lindsey Grutchfield, Tomas Rogel, Dawn Provost (President of the local Rotary chapter), Maggie Nowlan, and Leah Sagan-Dworsky.  The students spoke articulately and thoughtfully on either the Rotary's Four Part Test or the theme of Service Above Self, and they are to be commended for representing MHS very well indeed at this annual competition.

  • From Stephanie DiLena: I have a Solon Salute if it is not too late to Hannah Eschelbach for an absolutely beautiful a cappella National Anthem at last night's girls' basketball game. Applause reverberated and, gosh, that girl can sing!  : )

  • Also, perhaps a Salute to the girls' basketball team for fund-raising in a benevolent gesture to be sure no player goes without season-ending swag or the opportunity to participate in team-building events due to finances. Operation Snow Shovel remains in effect; a free-throw event is being held at MHS on Saturday, Feb. 7th with players collecting per swish pledges and a mini-bake sale of items for spectators of the free-throw event; popcorn, concession stand goodies, and a 50-50 raffle will happen Friday, Feb. 13th when the boys' basketball teams host U-32.  In advance, thank you for supporting the girls' basketball teams' efforts!  Very worthy of note:  A fraction of proceeds are being donated to aid cancer patients' and their families' care costs.

  • Levi Bevin, Kaia Garland, Jeremy Grosvenor, and Holly Gordon have been competing in indoor track meets at UVM and Norwich University.  The following qualified for the State Meet and the New England Qualifying meets:  Kaia qualified for both meets in the 55 m and 300m, Jeremy qualified for both meets in the  600m, 1000m, 1600m, and 3200m and Holly qualified in the 1000m, 1600m and 3200m for the State meet and 1600m and 3200m for the New England Qualifying Meet.

  • From Marijke Russo: Another accomplishment by the MHS Debate team on 1/31 at the Woodstock tournament: George Huang and Omeed Fallahi obtained the first novice award.  Omeed Fallahi placed fourth as overall individual speaker.


From Myles Chater: Tom Allen deserves a Solon Salute again this week for his persistence in helping solve the heating problem in Room 212.The story starts over 8 years ago, 5 years before Tom even started working here.  The schools heat system was having a lot of problems.  Many rooms were leaking nasty brown smelly "Non-Toxic" coolant.  At the time, Room 212 was rather cold, so I asked the former Head Custodian if the heat could be turned up a few degrees.  Well, if you have been in Room 212 in the heating season, lets just say it’s WARM.  I would have to open the door to the hall to share some of the heat.  Wanting to not complain about this problem, I just dealt with it.  Enter Tom Allen.  One quick solution that he came up with during the first heat wave was to have me call him to turn the fan off for my room specifically.  This became so routine that I would text him "Fan Off Room 212, Please" and moments later the room would magically begin to  cool off. For Tom, this was only a temporary solution.  Just last week he saw me and had told me about a training program he had attended on the heating system.  He has made some adjustments in the computer program and I have already noticed that it is much more manageable heat range.  Tom  - Thank you for going above and beyond.  There are many little problems like this around the building, and you are tackling them one item at a time.  To know that people in the building, whatever their job is, want to do the best that can be done is an inspiration and one of the reasons I love working here.   Thank you. Tom also pointed out that one problem that he still was not able to figure out was that in Room 212, there seems to be "some constant source of hot air". I think I know the source Tom and that one is problem that only I can fix.

Dear New Members of the MHS Community:

If you haven’t lived in or near Montpelier, you probably have no idea what a Solon is. You probably also wonder why we use an owl as our mascot. And, most perplexing of all, do you refer to us as SoLONS or SOlons?


So here’s a quick history lesson followed by reasons for why I LOVE our mascot. Solon was an Athenian statesman and poet famous for his morality and wisdom. You can’t go too far without bumping into one of his many quotations. Our favorite, of course, is about learning:

  • I grow old ever learning new things.

Like Solon himself, the Owl has long been equated with wisdom. Athena--goddess of both Athens and wisdom--is oft pictured with a baby owl at her side. Now, we couldn’t possibly have a baby owl as our sports mascot. Cute and cuddly is not the tone we are looking for in the middle of a soccer pitch or lacrosse field. Most of our gear has an aggressive looking fellow designed by our very own Ethan Tatro (class of 2013).

Here are a few reasons why I am proud to be called a Solon:

  1. Wisdom is highly underrated. In schools we focus on the acquisition of skill and knowledge often in the absence of considering where and how that skill and knowledge might be applied in the greater world. I like to think that the learning at MHS is both relevant and aimed at helping students develop the values that will guide them (and their communities) later in life.
  2. High schools should help students learn how to be diplomats and states(wo)men. Yes, we live in the capital of Vermont, but we need to be statespeople in all aspects of our lives. Really, there is no better time to practice those skills than in the context of adolescence. There are few places in society where you must interact and deal with ALL of your neighbors all day. I’ve always liked the phrase: “Kids who learn together, learn to live together.”
  3. Owls are wise, but they are also tenacious, tough, hardworking scrappers. To be wise is to be humble. To be humble is to have hustle. To hustle is to engage with the world in a meaningful way (at least in my opinion).
  4. Owls are also self possessed and slightly majestic. Our students certainly have both qualities.

Please come visit us at MHS and check out these attributes for yourself. As Solon once said:
Seek to learn constantly while you live; do not wait in the faith that old age by itself will bring wisdom.


  • Kayla Flanagan, Chris Staab, Will Deyo, and Molly Holt. You guys rock. Yesterday, we had a brand new student join MHS. The first day of school for anyone is challenging. That first day is much harder when it’s second semester. Your willingness to be open and to make a new friend was inspiring! I wish adults would be so cool.
  • From Marijke Russo: Fantastic public forum debate performance by Lindsey Grutchfield and Aly Furber who obtained first place in the Rutland High School Tournament on 1/23/15, as overall individual speakers Aly Furber arrived second, Lindsey Grutchfield fifth, and Omeed Fallahi seventh.
  • Very special thanks to Seth Herz for volunteering and teaching piano to a student here at the high school.


  • If you get a moment, please find Brandon Diaz and say hello to our new job coach.


  • Thanks to the VFW for our new flag and for the flag raising ceremony.




Dear Parents/Guardians:

Matt Clark from Jostens will be at MHS on Wednesday, February 4 from 11:20 - 1:20 to take orders for class rings, graduation announcements and other graduation items (stationary, clothing, jewelry and more). These items are optional but are available for purchase. Informational packets are available in the Office or go to www.josten.com.

Also, Leah Jones, owner of Alloy Jewelry will be at MHS on Thursday, February 5 from 11:15 - 1:15 to display and take orders for her hand-made class bracelets. The bracelets are also optional. For more information about Alloy Jewelry go to www.shopalloyjewelry.com.

Parents are welcome to come in and meet with Matt on February 4 and Leah on February 5. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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