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Dear MHS Community:  We dedicate this week’s Salutes to Sam Brigham (class of 2010). Sam awaits a bone marrow transplant in Boston.  Sam, we send you our collective will and strength.  Know that MHS is with you. Check out this video created by MHS and Myles Chater: Feeling Blue! (for Sam’s favorite Duke team).

Since we are commending courage, please take a moment to welcome our 10 new students this semester.  Adjusting to a new community is a challenge.  Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Also, check out this letter from our friends at the VFW.  I love it.






  • From Anne Watson: Carolyn Jones, Robert Barlow, and Fillipo Bezzi all contributed towards writing a grant from the Whole School's Energy Challenge for motion sensors to reduce our school's electric load. I (Anne Watson), also helped edit their grant application. We found out mid-December that we received the grant for $650, and the MHS Clean Team had them installed the motion-sensors over winter break! Thanks to all of them for making our school a little bit greener!

  • From Heather McLane: Thanks to Jackson Markow, Liam Mears, Noel Riby-Williams, Cricket Basa and Joelyn Mensah for serving as MHS Guides for our new students.

  • From Anna Scoppettone: A Salute to Jack LaPera for his courage.  

  • From Joy Partridge: I helped out at the Nordic meet on Thursday.  It was such a pleasure - the majority of the skiers from all schools breathlessly thanked those of us working the finish line for being there to help.  I am told it is like this at most of the meets.Really inspiring!

  • Congratulations to Ada Rohan for making New England’s!  Awesome work on the flute.



  • From Jen Wall Howard: Thanks to Central Office, Mike Martin, and our varied presenters for a great inservice day!

  • From Brian Gallagher:  I would like to thank Tom Allen, Matt Link, Jake Petrasch, The Montpelier Fire Department and the members of the MHS Outing Club.  They have all stepped up to help me in making the new MHS ice rink a reality!   

  • From Julie Morton: A salute to Mary Ellen Solon for joining our 9th grade English classes this week. Thanks for helping us discuss tough issues through the lens of literature!

  • A hearty thanks to Jason Miles for his incredible help as our Power and Influence class learned how to build digital narratives this quarter. Your your patience, time, and support were very much appreciated!

  • From DMA: Thanks to Myles Chater for organizing our video tribute to Sam.


  • Thanks to Ben Huffman for writing a thoughtful editorial about class sizes at MHS.  Instead of simply offering an opinion based on belief or uninformed perspective, Ben dug into the data, attended Board Meetings, and met with me on two occasions.  


Dear MHS Community:

Can this set of Salutes truly mark the final Salutes of the first semester?  Where did November and December go?  For that matter, shouldn’t Halloween be coming soon?  

I guess it might be a little too cold to convince myself that we are still in October; however, our burst pipe did feel like a bit of a trick given the proximity to exams.  No more burst-pipe days, please (but a huge thanks to our Maintenance Staff)!

Happy midterms!


  • From Anne Watson: I'd like to give a shout out to Chris Staab who participated in the Stock Market Game with the Financial Literacy class, along with hundreds of other teams from around the state of Vermont. And, lo and behold, Chris won! Yep. He won the whole thing. He started with an imaginary $100,000 and in three months made about $30,000. These pictures are of him being congratulated by Art Woolf, an economics professor from UVM who runs the program for Vermont. Chris won a $25 gift certificate to Amazon for his remarkable imaginary earnings. Wish I had some better pictures, but they're better than nothing!  

  • This must be Staab Day because I would like to thank him for the code he wrote to help us sign out our library laptops more efficiently.  Very cool service learning!!!

















  • Thanks to Carrie Cook who has been a driving force in helping MHS start a dialogue around the inclusion of all students.

  • When members of our staff go to a conference or workshop, the expectation at MHS is they share the learning (okay, it’s kind of a new expectation).  Myles Chater led a fun and informative session on technology in the classroom on Monday afternoon.  We appreciate his professionalism!

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2015 Mid-Term Exam Schedule

2015 Mid-Term Exam Schedule2

MHS Boosters’ Presents: 

Mike Martin, MPS Director of Curriculum and Technology 


 The Future of Teaching and Learning at MHS


An Introduction to Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) & Proficiency-Based Learning (PBL) - VT Context


  • PLPs & PBL in MPS
  • Community Engagement
  • Personalization. Community. Sustainability.
  • Communication Channels: The Bridge, Facebook, Twitter
  • March 19 Community Forum
Monday, January 12 at  7pm in the MHS Library
This is an important presentation about the future of how our kids will be taught and how they will learn at MPS. This is especially important for parents of younger students.

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