Come join the Student Council on Friday, October 3rd for a bonfire, followed by a dance to support Project Graduation. The bonfire goes from 7:30-9:30 and the dance will be from 8:30-12am. Cost for the dance is $4.

Solon Salutes

Dear MHS Community:  Happy (Thursday night) Friday!



  • To Ariel Barton-Caplin.  A number of faculty members commented on the manner in which you took care of friends this week.  Awesome work.


  • To our dedicated students and Boosters who worked the Phoneathon. Your efforts result in so many opportunities for our community. Thanks!

  • From Superintendent Ricca:  To Leah Sagan-Dworsky, thank you for making sure I remember your name!

  • I don’t think I’ve ever sent an un-Salute before, but I was tempted after hearing about some of the obnoxious behavior from our fans at the U-32 game.  Hey, I get competition, but let’s act like we’ve actually won a few games before (I know that we tied...but that’s not the point).  Some of our students, however, stepped up and took responsibility for their classmates.  Thank you.  It did my heart good to have administrators at U-32 comment on the thoughtfulness of many of you.

  • Fox and Chris.  Yup.  Senator.  Assembly.  Stress.  Smooth production.


  • Thanks to the efforts of Corporal Matt Knisley (SRO), the MHS community partook in a powerful assembly called “The Opiate Effect.”  Skip Gates and Senator Leahy provided a meaningful framework to help our students think critically about choices and decisions that will affect their well being for a long time to come.

Jeb Wallace-Brodeur / Staff PhotoSen. Patrick Leahy speaks with students about opiate abuse during an all-school assembly at Montpelier High School on Wednesday. Joining Leahy is Skip Gates, left, who's son Will Gates died of a heroin overdose while a student at UVM in 2009, and principal Adam Bunting, right. -219px -129px no-repeat;">
  • From Superintendent Ricca: Thank you to our facilities staff for your impressive efforts to keep out buildings clean.

  • From Myles Chater: Jane Edwards has led the charge to remind Gabi of all of the support she has here.  She was organizing cards for each TA to sign to then give to Gabi later this week.  To use our Habits 6.5 language "Always demonstrates acceptance, care, and empathy for self and others, in action, presentation, and attitude."  (Oh, and Happy Birthday, Myles!)

Dear MHS Community

Thanks to everyone for a great Open House last night; we are blessed to have a community that cares about education!

Make sure to check out the Upcoming Events section.  MHS will host “The Opiate Effect” on Wednesday, September 24.  Please feel free to join us for this important assembly.  Simply call Kim Kidney at 225-8000 to let us know that you are attending.

Also, check out our new MHS Cheerleading Squad (okay, not really).



  • From Val Belanger:   A Solon Salute to our Open House student volunteers. Student Council members Tomas Rogel, Carolyn Jones, Anders Heyerdahl, Ben Crane, Sally Aldrich, Isabel Tomasi and Delaney Goodman volunteered last night to guide and assist parents throughout the evening. A big thanks to each of you for  helping make Open House a huge success!   

  • From Matt McLane: Shout outs to Nathan Burton and Willow Barbero-Menzel who volunteered their time to serve as the official event photographers for the Governor's Service Awards and the 20th Anniversary Americorps ceremony last week at the State House.  Well done, indeed.  See some of their published images at

  • From Whitney Machnik:  Here are some of our students working with Chris and Michelle at Local 64 in Montpelier where they are debugging the company's new program for snow tire storage in Burlington. The website Matt was able to get our students involved in this great project and they are loving it!

photo 1.JPG

  • From Kerrin McCadden: A Solon Salute to Jude--who plays the piano during second lunch, making lunch an even more wondrous thing!

  • From Marianne Signorino: To Cheyenne Sebold for cheerfully helping to keep room 211 shiny and spiffy!

  • Masque.  Honor Choir.  Red Clay.  Awesome.

  • Check out Charlotte Brace’s chicken in Art class:


  • Holly Gordon has much to offer the world.  She is a great student, friend, and community member.  Also, she’s got some amazing hair:


  • A Salute to our many students who made the Activity Fair possible:



  • To Gabi Davis.  A Solon Salute for being a model for how we all should handle our difficult journeys.

  • A big thanks to all who made Open House possible:Sue Monmaney created the slideshow, Kirk Krietz the jazz, and Cailin O’Hara the songs.  Also, thanks to Val Belanger for scheduling.

  • From Bill Laidlaw: To Carlos Monteros, Patti Welsh, Jane Edwards, Terri Milne, Peter Watt--For their expertise in their work and their ability to step up and excel as a team.


  • From Whitney Machnik:  I would like to send a Community Solon Salute toLocal 64 for giving our students a phenomenal opportunity to see computer programming in action.

Upcoming Events:

  • Boosters Annual Phoneathon, MHS Cafeteria, Thursday, September 25th, 5-8 p.m.

  • “The Opiate Effect,” Skip Gates Assembly (Opiate Abuse Information),Wednesday, September 24, 1:30

Dear MHS Community:

I am dedicating this week’s Salutes to Dan Mindich, former Main Street Middle School teacher and good friend to many in our community.  Dan passed away on Sunday during an athletic event in Hawaii.  

Dan was an educator and honorary Solon through and through.  Whether he was in Vermont, New York, California, or Hawaii, he created community wherever he went.  He was always present with his colleagues and his students.  A gifted listener and storyteller, his classes inspired learners to discover their own voices in written and spoken word.  Most importantly (and Solon-like) Dan lived by his values.  He did the right thing, not because he was told, but because simple kindness should be normal decency.  

We will miss him, but we will remember his voice, model, and being.  Thank you, Dan.



  • Welcome to Heather Walpole!  Heather will join us on Thursdays and Fridays at the Front Desk in the Main Office.

  • To Barb and her art students: thanks for the really cool, really tiny statues hidden in the school.  There’s (a really, really small) Lion in the Library!



  • From Sally Aldrich: Thanks to all of those who ran for student council.  You took the risk to use your voice in your community.  

  • Anna Scoppottone, yep, we saw you picking recyclable milk bottles out of the trash.  It was a dirty job, but you did it.  Thanks.

  • Congratulations to our new members of Student Council (names announced next week).


Rumor Mill:  “MHS is instituting a dress code!” or “MHS students are not dressing appropriately!”

Reality:  MHS students are fantastic dressers!  Not only are students fashion conscious, but they tend to err on the side of (gasp!) appropriate (please don’t read that as a challenge).  We are not instituting a dress code.  We are meeting with students to discuss dress guidelines.  Everyone should be able to feel comfortable at school.  We want to know what students feel is appropriate and inappropriate.  Stay tuned!


Upcoming Events:

  • Booster’s Meeting-Roundtable with the Principal: Monday, September 8, 6:30 p.m.  Join us for an informal dialogue about the beginning of the school year.

  • MHS Open HouseThursday, September 18, 6:30 p.m

Dear MHS Community,

Two weeks ago, I took a walk with Student Council President Sally Aldrich (isn’t that an official looking title, Sally?)  As we strolled around MHS grounds, Sally shared her leadership goal for the new school year: fostering a community that is inclusive of ALL MHS students.  Sally posed a question to me, “Community is already our strength...why not build on that strength to make this place something really special?”  

Three things inspired me in Sally’s goal.  First, she gets the concept that schools should be focusing on strengths...not on normalizing.  Second, she sees one of the key visions of MHS.  Our goal is to create a community powerful enough that students work to recreate that positivity in the world at large.  Finally, significant academic learning happens when we are inspired, open, and safe; community empowers all of these.

So, since Sally challenged us, we gave it our best shot.  See if you can find the thread of community in all of the pictures below:

August 12, Fall Sports Kick Off: All fall athletes participate in training from Bill Laidlaw and Matt Link.


August 19: Summer Professional Development: Planning for our students.


August: Sabo’s students create a Time of Need Garden for residents of Montpelier.


August 2: Teachers create Tie Dye shirts as fun way to welcome our ninth graders.


August 2: Upperclass students welcome our ninth graders.  Thank you, Orientation Leaders!


August 28: Our Boosters host our first-ever Community Breakfast.


August 28: MHS students learn about Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets.


check out this Ted Talk to learn more.

August 28: Jake Petrasch creates a symbol with our community (not pictured:bald eagle fly over).


From Lissa Knauss:

Here is the list of rock stars that did such a phenomenal job helping the freshmen get acclimated to MHS on Wednesday. I was really impressed with their maturity and leadership and above all - their caring.

Sarah Aldrich 

Martin Allen

 Anisa Venner-Johnston 
William Jestes
 Tristan Blais
 Adam Cerutti
 Emily Corbett-Valade 
 Benjamin Crane
 Lexie Drew 
 Samantha Flanagan
 Willow Forbes
 Claire Fraser
 David Frey 
 Holly Gordon 
 Owen Koucky 
 Miles. Rapaport
 Emma Murray-Clasen 
 Margaret Nowlan
 Leah Sagan-Dworsky 
 Anna Scoppettone 
 Sabean Pia_Needleman
 Aly Furber
 Kayla Flanagan
 Levi Beavin 
 Maia Avery Padberg

Thanks for a fantastic start to the year!


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