ultimate1This Saturday (4/26), there will be a Girl's Ultimate Tournament at MHS, the Capital City Classic! Six girl's teams will compete against each other in a round-robin style tournament. The first game starts at 10am, and the last one will likely end around 4pm.

ultimate2Come out to cheer on our Montpelier Solons at this great event!

Dear MHS Community,


Happy Spring Break.  May the sun shine on all of your adventures!


Also, I would like to issue a challenge to our students: who wants to create the first edition of the Student Solon Salutes?  You read my stuff enough...let's see what you can do!



  • I love that Chloe Boyce took the time to admire the artwork in the hall.  Her favorite was by Gabe Otter.




  • To Cabot.  Thanks for joining our Prom.

  • Congrats to all of our Teen Jazz dancers.  You were amazing!


  • Fartun Hassan models equation solving at the SmartBoard:photo.JPG

  • Thanks to Gallagher’s Clean Team for taking care of our grounds!IMG_20140411_125554_402.jpg


  • Josh Parker, you’ve done it.  You pulled together an impressive yearbook.  Thank you for your tireless, student-centered efforts.

Dear MHS Community,

In the tradition established last evening by Charlie Aldrich and Jaimen Sather, I would like to dedicate this Solon Salute to the MHS Pops, Cailin O’Hara, and our amazing Tech Crew.  The quality of the Pop’s concert is testament to the power of what happens when we honor student voice and choice. The music managed to be upbeat, fun, and poignant at the same time.  It was obvious that students put high-quality effort and heart into all of their pieces. Also apparent was the influence of Cailin’s teaching on the whole. The lighthearted manner in which students contended with obstacles--their perseverance with a smile--comes from the type of teaching and leading Cailin does on a daily basis.  I was so proud to bring my daughters to the show; there were dozens of powerful role models for them to see (and hear).  Despite the late hour, we didn’t want to go home!. Now that's how you leave an audience.




1.  Overall Awesomeness:  Machnik TA (Pizza Lunch)

2.  Spirit:  Gallagher TA (Donuts)

3.  Hustle:  Profa TA


  • Check out the photo that Sabean Pia-Needleman took in the Greenhouse.  I love it.  Thanks for seeing beauty where others might not.



  • I’m not sure whether this Salute should go to Aurora Brush for organizing the most ridiculous prom proposal of all time, or if the Salute should go to Lucas Luetje for his sense of humor.  Anyway, you can decide. See for yourself: prom invite.


  • This Salute is to all who attended, organized (Maggie Gordon, Sarah Squier), and chaperoned (Lissa Knauss, Geoff Sather)  the Dismantling Rape Culture conference at UVM.  The first thing that Lissa told me when she returned was how proud of our students she was.  They engaged with a difficult topic with the thoughtfulness and sensitivity we have come to expect from our MHS community.


  • From Josh Parker: I would like to salute: Shaniah Bartlett, Alyssa Barrett, Chloe Boyce, Rachel Currier, Jen Caldwell, Brendan Flanagan, and Julia Thetford for volunteering their time this year to the completion of the MHS Yearbook. Thank you all for your hard work, effort, and dedication!



  • From Lissa Knauss:  From Lissa Knauss: Chris Kenseth, MHS class of 2011 and a UVM Green and Gold scholar, has recently been named a 2014 Goldwater Scholar. The Goldwater is a nationally competitive prestigious scholarship that recognizes sophomores and juniors who have done outstanding work in science, technology, math, or engineering (STEM) disciplines and who are on track to become leading researchers and innovators in their fields.  Chris credits his MHS Chemistry teacher Toni Ceckler for launching his Chemistry career and inspiring his passion for the subject.


  • To Mary Redmond.  Latin Day.  Two Basas with wooden swords.  Enough said.






Come join us in the Smilie Auditorium at Montpelier High School for our annual Choral Pops Concert.  Both nights are the same performance and will feature many soloists.  We hope to see you there!

Dear MHS Community,

Happy Friday!


  • From Dan Miller Arsenault: I'd like to salute my Interpretations of Literature students for their hard work on their ad projects--I have been blown away by the quality!!
  • From Myles and Betty: A salute this week to Molly Holt who came forward to let Betty Hammond know that the pricing of the drink vending machine was way off. Thank you Molly for your honesty.
  • Rob Morissette: A big Solon Salute from the Custodial Staff to the Ultimate Frisbee Team for helping unload a truck full of chairs after school on Tuesday. We would have been in a terrible muddy mess without your help!
  • From Wendy Watson: Eager to defend their state championship title, the girls tennis team took matters into their own hands and shoveled holes in the snow to help with the melting process. I salute my team for their positive energy!



  • A Salute to Matt McLane and Brooke Pearson for organizing the assembly for General Richard Cody. Thanks, guys!
  • To our music teachers: Hundreds of middle schoolers. Music all day. Celebration in our auditorium that did not disrupt the day. 'Nuff said.
  • Community:
  • Again, I could send a thanks to our Boosters every week. They put in a tremendous amount of time to host our Celebration of Excellence, and they put on an Excellent event. Thank you for your dedication and competence.

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