This photo has been on my wall for two years and reminds me of why we write the Salutes each week!

Dear MHS Community: I did not intend to publish any Salutes this week, but they just kept trickling in--which makes me really happy.  Three years is far too short a stay to claim any lasting legacy, but if I were to have one hope, it is that the spirit of celebrating the goodness that is inherent in this community continues on.  It has been one of the pleasures of my life to be the one to whom all of the “thanks” and “Salutes” are sent.  Gratitude does change perspective.  Speaking of, the principal job can be a demanding one, but I never felt anything but support from the students, staff, administration, and parents of this community.  Thank you for all of the learning and for all of the love.

Take care of yourselves,

Take care of each other,

Take care of the place,



  • From Profa: I'd love to salute my AP Spanish students.  They worked tirelessly this week to complete an ambitious radio project in collaboration with Goddard College to share with the public what we learned this year about the Migrant Experience in Vermont.  I am so proud of their work and impressed with their dedication and commitment.  Listen to the hour long program that aired on Thursday here!  ~Colleen

  • From Heather McLane:  I would like to recognize my students who presented to City Council.  Their  work was a great example of what you can accomplish if you have a growth mindset. Their first presentations and written report drafts were far from polished. However, they kept working to make improvements and ultimately delivered presentations they should be really proud of. They had incredible poise in front of the City Council. I was very proud of them!  Richardson-Skinder and Rachel Sucher were also there though they are not pictured.

Dear MHS Community: What is the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words?






To be honest, this hasn’t been the most fun week at MHS.  And, when caught up in the moment, it’s easy to forget the larger, longer data set to which we have access.  Yes, mistakes were made.  Mistakes were made by our seniors.  Mistakes were also made by our school, by me, by our parents, and by our community.  Trust me, I am not attempting to absolve anyone of responsibility (in fact, many feel we have gone overboard with consequences, but that’s the risk you take when you engage in something destructive).  However, I do want us to remember the longer pattern of behavior by this senior class.  Their legacy is one that will contain the data of this week, but their legacy also has a robust list of moments that are about caring, thoughtfulness, respect, and resilience.  Seniors, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know what I will remember.  Also, and finally, thanks for helping us put an end to the ridiculous tradition of senior pranks at MHS.  They are done.  Time to move forward.  



  • A huge thanks to Fox Winters and Chris Ebersole for their professionalism and expertise!!!

  • Dear, Girls Tennis: we always knew you were perfect!  Congratulations on an amazing season.

  • Boys Ultimate.  Fine.  I get the message.  You showed me what’s what between CVU and MHS.  Congrats on your Ultimate State Championship.  We are proud of you!

  • From Brooke Pearson: A salute to Jacob Bee Ho Brown for working with Mr. Scott's 7th and 8th graders at MSMS on Wednesdays all semester, helping them hone their math skills.  Jacob was a huge help to both Mr. Scott and, more importantly, his students.

  • Ash Brittenham just completed an impressive Independent Study on Advocacy.  Well done, sir!

  • From Brooke Pearson: Another salute to Angus Fraser for responding to the request from Westview Meadows for computer assistance for their 7th and 8th decaders (I know, it's not a word; but you get the point).  The help Angus provided to the seniors there was very much appreciated.

  • From Brooke Pearson: And a final salute to six awesome Scholars' Bowl seniors - Martin Allen, Jonah Francke, Seth Herz, Owen Koucky, Mitchell Whalen, and Jay Zecchinelli - for so nimbly balancing competitiveness and sportsmanship throughout their MHS careers and for representing MHS and Montpelier so well at the national tournament in Chicago last weekend.  You guys rock!

  • Mikaela Moore and Caitlyn Bashara, thanks for making my day with baked goods!

  • From Kerrin McCadden: Kudos to Rachel Cummings, Ariana Ansari, Willow Barbero-Menzel and Ben Ward who spent this past weekend at The Champlain College Young Writers' Conference, living the writing dream.

  • From Kerrin McCadden: To Katie Deyo and Mikayla Flynn: The last weeks of every school year feel like this: a too-long family vacation in a camper that's too small, and we're driving 8 hour days and we still have weeks to go till we are home, and we are sick of eating cereal and all our clothes are damp and it is raining every day.And in the midst of all that, last week, you two made my day.  It's not every day a teacher is the recipient of a random act of kindness, let alone the recipient of a rogue shopping spree.  I will never forget that sweetness.

  • From Kerrin McCadden: To Sally Aldrich, Aurora Brush, Halle Robinson and Sarah Squier--for one of the finest spontaneous gatherings of women and stories and ideas this past Monday during period 3.  That is the stuff of life.


  • I don’t think I need to say it, but, Clean Team, you are an inspiration to all of us.  Thank you.

  • Thank you to Jason Miles for your rapid response in supporting our seniors!

  • The Awards Ceremony doesn’t happen without Val Belanger, Susan Monmaney, and Nancy Chase.  Thanks!

  • Thanks to Mary Ellen Solon for her skillful, persistent support of our students and faculty.

  • To Matt Knisely and the Montpelier Police Department, thank you for helping us remember that we are educators and that our investment needs to be in learning.

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