We welcome all Main Street Middle School students, faculty and staff to participate in our summer reading blog.  Watch the video below for a reminder on how to use the blog.  Click on the link below to start blogging!

Summer Reading Blog

CBL 2014

On Tuesday evening, June 10, MSMS celebrated the 5th year of our Community Based Learning program. Congratulations to Eli Sargent, Kaile Foley, and Xavier Martinez for their CBL accomplishments this year; and special thanks to their community partners: Kevin Crossett, Linda Mirabile, Dan Barlow and Sandra Gaffney.

In an effort to secure funding to support ongoing sustainability efforts, Team Summit’s Green Team has entered the Green4Green contest.  


Students created a short film detailing their conservation efforts and how the grand prize, $4000.00, could be used to support those efforts.  Winners will be determined through an online voting contest that continues through July 31.


Those interested in supporting this effort must be Facebook users 13 years or older.  Voters can vote one time per day and assume full responsibility for issues relating to their use of Facebook.  Please consider supporting our efforts and if possible, sharing this with friends.


Whether or not you vote, know that these students are working hard to address 21st century issues in a thoughtful, creative manner.  Thanks for your support.


Click here to vote: Green4Green contest

Page Program 1

Special congratulations to Rachel Sucher, Brynn Bushey and Hannah Pandya for representing themselves, their families, and Main Street Middle School so fabulously as members of the 2014 Legislative Page program.

Page Progam 2

Community Connections is excited to share current and upcoming programs.  Read the attached flyers to find out more.

May-June Programs

Summer Programs


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