MSMS 4th to 5th Grade Transition/Orientation Night 
Thursday May 26th 
6:00pm in the middle school gymnasium


Main Street Middle School congratulates 7th grader Ruby Bryant as the 2016 Spelling Bee champion!  Ruby is now eligible to participate in the state competition held at Saint Michael's College on March 23rd.


Drop Off and Pick Up:  As MSMS is a walking school I encourage you to coordinate with other families “walking groups” for your children.  It is great exercise and social time plus children will be walking with peers and not alone.  For those of you who will be driving your child to and from school, please note these three-drop off/pick up options.


1.  Pull into the main parking lot and continue through as you loop to the right back toward Main Street.

2.  Turn onto Franklin Street, drop your child off either before the parking lot or after where the side walks are, then continue to Cross Street then right onto North Street back to Main Street.  

3.  Drop off on the sidewalks on Main Street.  


All students being dropped off or picked on the opposite side of Main Street from the school must cross at the cross walk.  Please help us keep students safe and do not allow your child to cross at any other location.  There will be volunteers the first two weeks of school assisting at each of these locations.

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