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"The Foreign Language department would like to remind all 8th Grade Quebec travelers that their second payment of $150 was due on January 20. Please submit your payment to Señora Halpine or Madame Kahn as soon as possible. Merci beaucoup! Muchas gracias!"

When: Thursday, January 15th

Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Where: Main Street Middle School, Room 6&8

Marijuana has become a spirited topic over the last year.

Decriminalization, medical marijuana, and possible legalization are

all important topics for parents to consider while teens are

navigating adolescence. Middle school is a time when kids start

experimenting and the perfect time for parents to start or continue

conversations with kids regarding marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol

use. Much can be learned from Colorado and Washington states

where marijuana is now legal. New research shows how it affects

the adolescent brain. Marijuana is becoming highly commercialized

and more available, but what does this mean for our kids?

Marijuana today has more than five times the amount of THC as it

did years ago. Come learn the facts and myths about marijuana

and gain the tools you need to talk to your kids informatively.

Workshop will be presented by Ann Gilbert, Director of Central

Vermont New Directions Coalition


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Hello, supporters of Crafters Edge, MSMS staff, and Students!

This year’s Craft Fair and Cafe was a huge success for our school. We brought the community together to celebrate art and the work we eighth graders have been doing. None of this would not have been possible without all of the vendors who participated and our sponsors: Manghi’s Bread, Hunger Mountain Co-op, Shaw’s, Associated General Contractors, Bagitos, Price Chopper, and Sarducci’s.

Thanks to all for supporting us and for coming to the fair. To those of you who couldn’t make it or are interested in purchasing more of our wood furniture products, we have the items available to order on our
Crafters Edge Products Page. Our art creations will be available at Bake Sales and future Crafters Edge events. You can find information about these here on our Crafters Edge Blog!

Congratulations to Douglas Maddox, this years’ Crafters Edge Adirondack chair winner!

To all of those of you that came to the Craft Fair, we hope you had a great time and appreciated the work of local artists and Crafters Edge eighth graders!


Crafters Edge

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