JumpRopeWe are proud to announce to our MPS community that our second Jump Rope for Heart event generated a whopping $4,404.77 for the American Heart Association.  During the month-long event, students learned a fun lifetime habit of making their heart and lungs healthy and strong through jump-roping.  They also learned the act of community, state, and national service by raising funds for the American Heart Association.  For their efforts, students will be rewarded with prizes from the American Heart Association depending on how much money they each raised.   A big "thank you" to our parents and teachers at Union for their contributions.  We hope to defend the 1st Place plaque we won from last year's event for Division 3 schools in Vermont.
In health,
Emmanuel and MJ

Union Elementary School is looking for a bus monitor and crossing guards to finish out the year. The bus monitor is needed for after school only and would be needed on one of our buses from 2:40 to 3:40. The crossing guard positions are both long term and short term substitute positions for before and after school (7:30 - 8:30 and 2:30 - 3:30). There is currently an urgent need for a crossing guard at the Main Street Middle School as our current guard is out with a broken ankle. You could start right away (today, in fact!). All positions pay $11 per hour. Please contact Zephyr Cerulli at the UES front office (225-8205) if you're interested. Thanks!

Brian Ricca,


addtext com MTMyOTE3Nzc1MwSecond graders are exploring stories and art from around the world.  In this lesson, we investigated ancient Chinese landscape paintings.  Students learned about landscape painting in Chinese art history and identified foreground, middleground and background as we traveled through the paintings.

Students applied these elements to fans that they made. We created the mountains for their fans by tearing construction paper lengthwise and coloring with charcoal along the edge of the torn paper.  We then smeared the charcoal onto our fans using tissues.  We drew details with charcoal pencils.

fansWe noticed that there were red seals stamped on the edges of the Chinese paintings.  We learned that these are called “chops” and that this is the traditional way that the paintings are signed.  Students each designed their own unique chop composed of their initials and stamped them on their fans.


A1-2:13 Students describe art using discipline specific vocabulary

A1-2:15 Students critique and revise art by 1) making affirming statements, 2) asking questions about your own work 3) asking questions of the artist

-Kristina Kane


With the snowfall and low temperatures this week, we wanted to be sure members of the UES community were aware of the UES schedule in the event of a delayed opening. Please note the 10:00 am time for the open of School. There will be NO coverage for students prior to that time, so please make backup plans. Thanks!



9:30 Teachers arrive

10:00  UES doors open; IAs arrive; buses begin to arrive; we're open for business!

10:00-10:25  Students will begin arriving to class; transition time; Morning Meeting.

10:25  UES schedule officially starts.

With the cold weather and new security system going into effect after Thanksgiving, we think it's a good time to remind the community that Union Elementary does not open its doors until 8:00 am.  As of December 2, the doors to the school will be locked and staff will not be available until that hour, so it's very important to make sure your child is NOT dropped off before that time. Adult supervision inside and out will begin at 8:00 am in the cafeteria for those who want breakfast, the playground, and "Quiet Start" in the library (which is limited to the first 40 students who choose to go to the library).  The bell rings at 8:20 for the official start to the day. The half hour between 7:30 and 8:00 is always busy for our faculty and staff preparing the day and participating in meetings, so we really appreciate all of your cooperation with this!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

-Chris Hennessey, Principal


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