While students play, relax, head to the pool or beach...Union Elementary is open and buzzing. A sample of the what's happening in July:

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Salads2014-2On June 3, 2014 students, faculty and staff at Union Elementary School all lunched on free salad made with student grown lettuce. For the 10th year in a row, UES has participated in the Lettuce Planting Field Trip and Salad Party. This annual event is funded by the UES Parents Group and organized and run by the Central VT Solid Waste Management District. Over 3 days in May, all students from UES walk over to the high school to re-plant lettuce plugs (from Littlewood Farm in Plainfield) into soil from Vermont Compost Company. Students learn about what happens to their food scraps when they compost at lunch and about the MHS Greenhouse. Montpelier High School students assisted with planting and giving greenhouse tours. One month later, the lettuce is harvested, washed and brought over to UES for the Salad Party. On this day everyone at UES gets free salad with their lunch (no matter if they bring lunch from home or not). This field trip and party is a great way to teach students about composting and growing food locally!

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 4.04.37 PMAnd...what is a "game"? This spring UES students and teachers have collaborated with local educational developers to try out new games and teaching methods that use the iPad. Students in Ms. Koch’s, Ms. Pine’s and Ms. Lloyd’s classes tried pre-release versions of Alpha Builders, a puzzle and construction game app, featuring words and blocks (families can sign up to beta test at alphabuildersapp.com). There was a lot of interest in how iPad games get developed. Students enjoyed the game, and provided very thoughtful, constructive feedback about its design. Separately, some students in Ms. Koch’s class have been helping to try out new approaches to phonics tutoring using the touch screen. Both projects are run by Chris Hancock, a local educational researcher/developer and a recent UES parent, who sends his thanks to the UES community.

JumpRopeWe are proud to announce to our MPS community that our second Jump Rope for Heart event generated a whopping $4,404.77 for the American Heart Association.  During the month-long event, students learned a fun lifetime habit of making their heart and lungs healthy and strong through jump-roping.  They also learned the act of community, state, and national service by raising funds for the American Heart Association.  For their efforts, students will be rewarded with prizes from the American Heart Association depending on how much money they each raised.   A big "thank you" to our parents and teachers at Union for their contributions.  We hope to defend the 1st Place plaque we won from last year's event for Division 3 schools in Vermont.
In health,
Emmanuel and MJ

addtext com MTMyOTE3Nzc1MwSecond graders are exploring stories and art from around the world.  In this lesson, we investigated ancient Chinese landscape paintings.  Students learned about landscape painting in Chinese art history and identified foreground, middleground and background as we traveled through the paintings.

Students applied these elements to fans that they made. We created the mountains for their fans by tearing construction paper lengthwise and coloring with charcoal along the edge of the torn paper.  We then smeared the charcoal onto our fans using tissues.  We drew details with charcoal pencils.

fansWe noticed that there were red seals stamped on the edges of the Chinese paintings.  We learned that these are called “chops” and that this is the traditional way that the paintings are signed.  Students each designed their own unique chop composed of their initials and stamped them on their fans.


A1-2:13 Students describe art using discipline specific vocabulary

A1-2:15 Students critique and revise art by 1) making affirming statements, 2) asking questions about your own work 3) asking questions of the artist

-Kristina Kane

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