IMG 0264In Physical Education classes we have celebrated the spring weather with a one-week unit on bike safety. Local Motion, a non-profit organization based in Burlington, provided 40+ bikes for all students grade 3-5 to learn and improve their riding and bike safety skills. Thanks Local Motion!
On another note, this year's FAMILY FITNESS NIGHT is Wednesday May 13 from 6-8 pm. Come join us for movement and fun!

Parents and Guardians,

callingIn order to ensure that we know where all students are and where they are going at the end of the school day, we need you to be aware of our procedures about absences and after-school changes. 

PLEASE CALL your student in absent before 9:00am to the front office

PLEASE CALL Afterschool Changes in before 1:00 pm to the front office

PLEASE DON’T text or e-mail afterschool changes. 



2014 EITC 3SVT Flyer


In September, 1939, the current Union Elementary School opened. We decided to mesh our birthday celebration with our Winter Carnival.

An estimated 1,000 students, staff, parents and local folks paraded from Union Elementary School through town and up to the NECI commons, led by the pulsing Brazilian samba drums of Sambatucada. The occasion was the celebration of Union's 75th birthday, with events occurring all week at Union. Students and parents enjoyed a pizza dinner at the school, served by UES staff, and then took up lanterns the students had made in Kristina Kane's art class, under the direction of artist-in-residence, Gowri Savoor.

Other 75th birthday activities this week include a terrific "museum" of clothing and artifacts from the 1930s-1940s by Hannah and Jeffrey of Montpelier's own Buchspieler. A "History of Union Elementary School" video is being shown to students and will be posted online, as well as interviews by students of people with a historical perspective on UES. 

Friday, students will seal their time-capsules for future students to uncover, and anyone who is interested will be dressed in vintage 1939ish clothes. 

Below are photos from the parade, and some slides from the UES history slideshow.

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